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The Most Important Question When Collecting Artwork: Do You Love It?

Artwork: Mr. Brainwash – “Hollywood”


There are so many reasons that people come to Henry on Pop Art. That’s because there are so many reasons to get your hands on great art.

Some people want to transform a room into an impressive, beautiful place to spend their time. Others want their office or business to create a sense of purpose; or collectors who want to expand their collection. Still others are just trying to fill a space on their wall with something that matches everything else. And the list goes on from there.

And there is another major concern that buyers have: will it gain in value over time?

When you add in the desire to make a good investment, buying art can become overwhelming.

But no matter what reason you have for buying art — whether you are looking to make an investment or simply enjoy its beauty — you should ask yourself one thing: do you love it?


Why It Always Comes Down to Loving Your Art

It might seem too easy to work, but it always does. You should always love the art you buy.

Think about the role your art has in your life.

Of course, buying a great piece can impress your friends, family, colleagues and even enemies. But who is going to be looking at the work day in and day out? Who will share their living room or workspace with it? You will. So you need to place your feelings front and center.

Even if you are wanting to buy art as an investment, you should still be focused on work that you love.

Just like the weather, markets are not 100% predictable. You can get a vague idea of what is coming, but you never know for sure. To deal with unpredictable weather, you keep an umbrella in your car. To deal with an unpredictable art market, you make sure you love the art you buy. That way, whatever happens, you have great work on your wall.

When you make a smart art purchase, especially when you work with an art advisor who knows what they’re doing, you can be confident that the purchase will have more of an educated chance to retain and gain in value. But it’s an investment. It will happen over a long period of time. All the while, you have the pleasure of hanging it on your wall — isn’t that the joy of investing in art, anyway?

If you buy work that is a sound investment but you don’t absolutely love it, you’re missing out on so much value. Sure, you might make a profit down the road, but think of all the joy it could be bringing you while it appreciates.


Getting What You Love

If you are interested in finding artwork you love, it’s time to call Henry on Pop Art.

Henry is a leading art advisor who brings you his deep experience in Blue Chip Pop and Contemporary art, all in a transparent process. It can be hard to find the right piece of work — something that is available at the right price and fits your needs.

But you can let Henry worry about that.

Questions about Collecting Art? — Ask Henry



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